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The All Day Face Mask

Pure Comfort. No Nasties.

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100% Chemical Free Dyes

Toxic colorants have no business on our body - let alone our face! This mask is safer for our health AND better for our environment. 

Absurdly Soft and Comfy

Our mask is designed to prevent irritation and promote comfort. With adjustable straps and buttery smooth fabric, you can say goodbye to saggy masks and "maskne"!

Physician Approved

Our mask’s quality and design has been approved by one of the largest healthcare systems in the U.S., and is currently being used by over 60,000 healthcare workers.

Don't take our word for it...

The most comfortable mask I’ve worn, by far. It doesn’t suction to my face when I inhale, it doesn’t slide down my nose, and the ear straps are comfortable since they’re adjustable.

Dr. Michael Pierce, Emergency Medicine Resident

The mask makes me feel comfortable. I’ve gone through a variety of makes through the pandemic and this is by far the most comfortable one I’ve worn. The fabric is very soft and it is easy to breathe. It makes it even better knowing not only is it a comfortable mask but it is also eco-friendly and is good for my overall health.

Terrell Allen, VB Sports Complex Director of Basketball

This mask is so so soft and sleek! The fabric feels so good on my face and the tying and tightening mechanism is revolutionary in its ingenuity.

Emma Pindra, 4th year medical student

How is it so comfortable?! I like wearing it around the house just because it feels good on my face. 

Skylar Katz, age 9

As someone with sensitive skin and required to wear a face mask all day for work, FTF’s mask gives me the comfort of knowing I won’t get acne or worsen razor burn – plus the feel good benefit of knowing my mask was made humanly and environmentally friendly.

Dr. Maxwell Wagner, General Surgery Resident

Mask feels amazing! Super soft -- definitely the comfiest mask I've worn so far.

Lindsay Gould, 4th year medical student

A comfy, washable face mask made using all natural dyes to make sure you breathe easy and keep your skin healthy.

🇺🇸  Cut, Sewn, and Dyed in the USA

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