Become a Brand Partner

Innovated designs take equally innovated sales and marketing.
  • Our mission is to create a positive change through fashion by providing a new purchasing/style platform to new and emerging ethical brands
  • We will promote your brand by a strong digital marketing strategy, press, collaborations, events etc.
  • Our partners are chosen carefully, and you will be guaranteed a close relationship with us – no need to worry about competing against thousands of different brands to get promoted.



  • A global reach to customers
  • A unique space with complete details about your brand and its background to give the customers an in-depth understanding
  • A transparent back-end, showing the customer journeys – for example you will see who’s visiting and looking at your products
  • a new platform to sell your brand and connect to a new audience
  • Search Engine optimized website to get more visibility
  • Digital marketing content, reviews and feedback from our sustainable shopper ecosystem



  • We list our favorite products from your line on our platform
  • We actively market and promote your products to our customers
  • Customers order & pay through our platform
  • You ship the order directly to the customers, we will reimburse the shipping costs
  • We pay you, taking only a 30-35% commission per product
  • We purchase one piece - of each size - of every style we carry to keep in house.
  • Example: If the sweater we are selling comes in a S,M,L,XL – we will purchase one of each at wholesale. We will not sell the clothing. We will use it as samples for people to try on at events, pictures and video content, and to personally style the clothing on as many people as possible in order for us to properly figure out how to sell it.



  • Unique, innovative brands with a strong social impact
  • We love brands with an interesting background story and a clear mission to do good and make others feel good.
  • Brands that are fashion led, with great design, quality and intention.
  • Brands adhere to one or more of our feel good values– Businesses that are looking to grow — no matter how small currently
  • You can be a small or a new company, as long as you share our interest for sustainability, supply chain transparency, and feel good fashion.


Please send us a profile of your brand with your website link and a lookbook to Our buying team will be in touch with you within 2 weeks if your application is accepted to request further information and a meeting.