Research Partners

Lindsay Gould, MD - OBGYN – Dr. Gould is an OBGYN Resident and is extremely invested in reproductive justice and believes the decision to become a mother is incredibly personal. Last year she researched and authored a resolution entitled “Opposing Legislative Efforts to Restrict the Provision of Reproductive Healthcare,” which was voted on and incorporated into the Medical Society of Virginia’s Policy Compendium. 

“I’m proud to be a part of For The Feel’s mission to transform the fashion industry. I believe if we use our voice, we can make the shift toward ethically-sourced, sustainable clothing that is free from harmful chemicals and doesn’t exploit female garment workers worldwide.”

Candler Clawson, MD - Dr. Clawson is a Dermatology Resident & has published multiple dermatology journals such as, the “Risk of Formaldehyde-Induced Contact Dermatitis from N95 Masks” discussing the use of formaldehyde in face masks worn since the COVID-19 pandemic & the danger that this chemical poses to consumers who are wearing these masks to protect themselves. Through her research she learned that the same hazardous chemicals being used are also being used in the clothing we wear every day.  

“I believe that the clothing industry should be held accountable for what they put in our clothes, and that consumers have the right to know how their clothing impacts their skin. Joining For The Feel was my first step in making my voice heard and advocating for a healthier and more ethical fashion industry. I hope to empower other consumers to speak up and demand that clothing companies shift their product production to be transparent, ethical, and sustainable.

Pooja Gajulapalli, MD - Dr. Gajulapalli is a Pediatrics Resident and believes that caring for children goes beyond considering their physical and mental health; it requires addressing their social, educational, and environmental health as well. 

“I believe taking action and participating in research on how the clothing industry directly impacts the health of mom’s and our developing children is an absolute necessity.”

Maxwell Wagner, MD - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Dr. Wagner is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Resident and has published multiple surgical journals and assists us with research and development. 

“I understand the importance of our skin and how irritants like those banned by the EU can have serious implications on our health. Regardless of where on our body, especially near the V, skin is our first line of defense - he believes it should be treated as a priority in our day to day lives.”

Tayab Waseem, PhD - Dr. Waseem received his doctorate in the field of Immunology and Cellular Mechanisms - specifically regarding how our cells function, communicate and its implications during inflammation, ex. a rash on your skin. 

“I understand that everything from the air we breathe in, to the chemicals our skin comes in contact with everyday, shape our immune response. I believe fighting for a transparent apparel industry is not only needed, but also important.”